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Indigenous Arts exhibition


Join us for our annual Indigenous Arts exhibition, "Ancestral: Manifestations of Past, Present, and Future" in honor of National Indigenous People’s Day.

Celebrate Indigenous talent and heritage with us as 12 artists showcase their incredible work across a diverse range of mediums, including paintings, beadwork, photography, digital art, and more.

We invite you to experience the richness and diversity of Indigenous art.

Let's come together to honor and celebrate the vibrant culture and artistic expressions of our Indigenous communities.

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Join us at the Omineca Arts Centre for an incredible Earring Beading Workshop with the talented Indigenous artist Lynne Biles from the Night Owl Beadworks! 

 Date: June 29

 Time: 10 am - 1 pm

 Location: Omineca Arts Centre

Lynne, an artist of Anishinabbe (Ojibway People’s) heritage from the Batchawana First Nations Robinson Huron Treaty, has been beading since she was 13 years old. She masterfully blends traditional styles with boho and modern beading techniques, creating beautiful, unique pieces.

All materials will be provided for the workshop. While the event is free, we strongly recommend a donation at the door to support the Omineca Arts Centre. 

2024 Lineup

A glimpse at our previous and upcoming Artists In Residence:

Isaak 'Izzy' Andal

January 2024

Erin J. Bauman

March 2024

CNC Group Exhibition

April 2024

Now in it's second year running, Omineca has had the honour of hosting the College of New Caledonia's Web & Graphic Design Class group exhibition, where the talented students of Prince George get to show off the culmination of their studies in a large open house setting.

Indigenous History Month Group Exhibition

June 2024

Unfold 4 - Emerging Artists

July 2024

Join us for our 4th annual UNFOLD Exhibition celebrating emerging artists in Northern BC! Showcasing diverse art forms, including sculptures, paintings, songs, stories, and more. 

Those interested in applying are invited to submit their work by June 1st, 2024. Please complete and sign the application form to 369 Victoria Street by post or electronically to, with the subject line Omineca Arts Centre - “UNFOLD 4”. 

Application Form HERE

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August 2024

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September 2024

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October 2024

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November 2024

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December 2024

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