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Omineca programming is set to support diverse arts and culture in Prince George and surrounding regions. Our programming works to both provide new and innovative ways to engage local and regional artists and performers while creating opportunities for visiting and professional artists to experience our region and engage with our local communities, artists, and performers. Programming works to encourage and provide opportunities for multidisciplinary collaboration between arts and performance disciplines and the community as a whole. We encourage artists and performers to connect with us through our programming models. Each model provides a different opportunity for engagement by artists and performers. Details of each model and how to engage are provided below.  

Curated Art Dinners

Partnering with Emily Carr and Two Rivers Gallery, Omineca is hosting visiting artists for curated art dinners. This is an extension of the North to South Axis Speaker Series held at Two Rivers Gallery. Artist expertise will be matched with local and regional artists that may benefit from networking and engaging with the artist. Participants are expected to attend the artist public talk at Two Rivers Gallery in addition to the dinner. Details of artist’s talk, work and expertise will be posted with each open call. Application is open to all local and regional artists.

Curated Art Dinners TBA

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