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Hearing Trees and The Jack Van Somer Band

Hearing Trees existed before frontman Graham Hnatiuk had ever picked up a guitar or penned a single lyric. Even as just an apparition in his mind’s eye, Hnatiuk’s musical vision essentially saved his sanity, maybe even his life. And now, with the release of the Winnipeg rock band’s debut LP, Quiet Dreams, the creative seeds sown years ago have come to full fruition.

The Jack Van Somer Band is Canadian Alternative Indie band formed in Prince George, BC in early 2016. Jack Van Somer and Bradley Brekkaas friends since high-school, and former band mates came together with Curtis Abriel, and then added Josh Hanson to work on some original material that Jack had been cooking up for a couple of years. Heavily involved in the local music scene, each of the band mates brought something unique to the table, and each with over a decade of experience under their belts.