Omineca Donations and Sponsorship

Benefits of Supporting Omineca:

To make this space accessible to our community for a variety of uses including exhibiting art and hosting space for multidisciplinary events and collaborations we need your support!

As we work towards planning future events the Omineca Arts Centre is seeking financial contributions that will go towards art supplies, maintenance, ongoing operational costs and most importantly compensating local artists for the presentation and exhibition of their work.

Donations can also come in the form of time, material or skills.
Let us know what you have to offer or ask us what we need.

By sponsoring Omineca Arts Centre, you will show your investment to this community, helping us deliver innovative programs and exhibitions, and most importantly, support artists on a local and provincial level. We offer personal and corporate one time or annual sponsorship tier recognition. Any contribution is greatly appreciated!

Annual Sponsorship Tiers:


 $250-$1000 | Recognition:
Featured on  website & social media 


 $1000-$5000 | Recognition:
Featured on website, at events organized by Omineca including related posters & social media


 $5000-$10,000 per year | Recognition:
Featured on front door, website, at events organized by Omineca including related posters, & social media


$10,000+ per year | Recognition:
Featured prominently on our storefront windows, sandwich board, website and events organized by Omineca including related posters & social media. One free booking to host an event of your choosing (e.g. staff retreat, staff party, birthday party, retirement party, wedding etc.).

All individual sponsorship, financial and material donations are greatly appreciated.

Interested in donating, partnerships or sponsorship?
Please contact us:



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