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Artist Residencies 

Omineca’s residency program hosts both pre-emerging and professional local, regional and visiting artists and performers. Residencies provide time and space for artists and performers to explore a creative process or work on a project and can vary in duration. Residencies are open to performance, music, literary and visual artists and collaborative, multidisciplinary projects.

During the Artist in Residence Program

Artists provide:

  • 20 hrs. of scheduled studio time at the Omineca Arts Centre

  • 3 hr. public presentation. workshop, or equivalent

  • 2-4 week exhibition of work

Omineca provides:

  • Access to the studio during scheduled hours

  • Workshop Space and Promotion

  • Volunteers to prepare, hang, take down artworks and repair the exhibition and/or studio space.

Please contact us to learn more about our Artist in Residency program.

Application Coming Soon!