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Artist Residencies 

Omineca’s residency program hosts both pre-emerging and professional local, regional and visiting artists and performers. Residencies are open to performance, music, literary and visual artists and collaborative, multidisciplinary projects. Any artist can apply, preference may given to equity seeking members and members living within the Omineca Region. Residencies provide time and space for artists and performers to explore a creative process or work on a project and can vary in duration.

During the Artist in Residence Program

Artists provide:

  • 20 hrs. of scheduled studio time at the Omineca Arts Centre

  • 3 hr. public presentation. workshop, or equivalent

  • 2-4 week exhibition of work

Omineca provides:

  • Access to the studio during scheduled hours

  • Workshop Space and Promotion

  • Volunteers to prepare, hang, take down artworks and repair the exhibition and/or studio space.

Please contact us for questions about our Artist in Residency program.


Artist in Residency Agreement Template